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Why not use the interview tips of recruitment industry insiders? The same tips candidates are applying every day to get the jobs they really want.

The fact is you can multiply your chances of interview success with the right interview preparation. Being a great interviewee is not about having a silver tongue. Nor being lucky on the day. It's about knowing what the interviewer wants to see..... then knowing how to give it to them.

A great interview performance is built on knowing three key things:

• What to expect

• How to perform

• How to present yourself

Up to now it seems like the select few "naturals" have been able to make the most of this knowledge. Now you can learn how to join them.

Interview-tips-that-work.com is your guide through the interview minefield. It's like having your very own recruitment consultant in your corner. Guiding you through the process in the simplest, quickest and most effective way possible.

You get all the interview tips, advice and techniques you need. You have all your questions answered and leave behind all the confusion, frustration and wasted effort that so many experience in their job search.

You will be fully prepared and give great answers to every interview question you face. So you'll be able to approach your job interview with confidence, happy that you can deliver the performance you want.

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The Interview Tips Blog
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Interview preparation
Looking for tips on interview preparation? Find out how the best candidates get ready.
Interview Questions
Facing interview questions will make or break you in the job hunt. Learn the truth about what employers are really looking for. Discover the most common interview questions and how to prepare.
Interview Answers
Learn how the very best candidates give the very best interview answers, at interview-tips-that-work.com
How to answer interview questions
Everyone wants to know how to answer interview questions. Learn a simple method that will give you great answers that hit the mark every time.
Interview Tips
Looking for interview tips? Free advice on everything you need to get ahead, from dealing with nerves, to interview etiquette and avoiding the most common interview mistakes.
Interview Etiquette
Need to know how the interview works? Learn the rules of interview etiquette to show you are the right person for the job.
Job Interview Follow Up
Advice on what to do after a job interview. How to assess your performance and dedide if the role is really right for you. The most important job interview follow up tips.
Job Interview Thank You Letter
Find out what a job interview thank you letter can do for you. Job interview thank you letter tips and advice for great job interview follow up.
Salary Negotiation
Salary negotiation is one of the most important parts of the whole interview processs. You need to understand how it works, and know how to get the best deal with salary negotiation tips.
Job References
Don't let what you don't know about job references stop you getting that job. Find out what you need to know right now, right here.
Phone Interview
All about the phone interview. Find out why employers usephone interviews and the unique challenges you must be aware of if you want to get the all important face to face interview.
Phone Interview Tips
Preparing to face a telephone interview? Find out the phone interview tips that will help you secure that all important face to face interview.
Job Offers
It’s decision time. How to decide if a a job offer is right for you.What you must know before you decide. Tips on how to accept and reject job offers.
Job Interview Skills
You need job interview skills if you want to be the one who gets the offer. Learn the job interview skills of the successful candidates.
Accept a job offer
How to accept a job offer, your guide to what it takes to make sure you get your new job off to a great start.
Resignation Letter
What you need to know before you write your resignation letter, and what to expect when you do.
Second Job Interview
So how do you handle the second job interview? Learn about the challenges you will face, and what you need to do to be ready for them.
Second Interview Tips
Get the answers to all your second interview questions with the second interview tips you need to know.
Panel Interview
There are many types of interview you may face. Learn all about the panel interview, and how to fly through it.
Interview Rejection
Interview rejection is not the end of the world. Bounce back stronger with these tips to get you back on the right track.
Resume Tips
Knowing how to use your resume can be your not so secret weapon in the interview. Find out the resume tips that will help you get on.
Interview Questions to Ask
Questions can work both ways. Find out how knowing the right interview questions to ask will have a positive impact in your interview.
Job Interview Information
It’s what you know that counts in the interview. You need the right job interview information for your big day.
Interview Success
If you want job interview success you need to know what it takes. Find out now.
Job Interview Mistakes
Don’t let job interview mistakes derail your interview. Find out how to stay on track to interview success.
Job Interview Presentations
Facing an interview presentation? Find out how what the interviewer will be looking for and get prepared with tips for job interview presentations.
Job Interview Presentation
In the job interview presentation is the key to success. Find out how to get it right.
Job Interview First Impression
In a job interview first impressions count. Learn how to make your first impression work for you.
Interview Confidence
Develop the interview confidence you need to give the performance you deserve with these tips.
Tell me about yourself
“Tell me about yourself”. It’s the most common interview opener there is. Find out how to put together the kind of answer that sets you up for a great interview.
Group Interview
The group interview is one of the most challenging, and it’s becoming more and more common. Find out what its all about, and what you need to show the interviewer to be singled out.
Interview Types
nowadays there are plenty of different interview types employers use. Find out what it takes to deliver a great interview performance no matter what type of interview you face.
Structured Interview
More and more employers are using the structured interview. Find out how they work and what you need to do t o make them work for you.
Unstructured Interview
Just when you thought you knew what to expect, you find yourself facing an unstructured interview. Don’t panic, get the low-down with interview tips on how to approach it.
Sample Interview Questions
Looking for sample interview questions? Prepare for the interview with a list of the most popular interview questions.
Tough Interview Questions
Learn how to deal handle tough interview questions. The Interview instructor gives you the tips to keep the interview on track.
Stress interview
A stress interview is designed to see if you crack. Find out what you can expect and how to show the interviewer you have what it takes.
Behavioural Interview
The behavioural interview is a common way for employers to focus on what really matters when it comes to whether or not you can do the job. Find out what it takes to come out on top.
Before The Interview
It’s the night before the interview. Don’t panic. Read this interview preparation refresher and get ready to have a great interview.
Career Problems
Don’t let your worries about potential career problems keep you from getting hired. Find out how to handle the most common career problems right here.
Why were you fired
Why were you fired? It’s a question that can make even the most confident interviewee nervous. Use these tips to help you over the hurdle.
Interview Stress
Don’t let interview stress stop you from giving the interview performance you want to. Learn how you beat stress before it beats you.
Interview Problems
Don't let interview problems hold you back. Find out how to avoid the most common pitfalls of the interview
Interview Body Language
Want to know how to make your interview body language work for you? It doesn't have to be so complicated with these simple and effective tips.
How to Interview
Want to know how to interview? Find out what the best candidates get right, and then find out how you can join them.
If you ever receive a counteroffer, you better make sure you understand what is really going on. Find out the truth here.
Exit Interview
Do you have an exit interview? Find out what they are all about and what you need to be thinking about.
Interview Nerves
You’re not alone if you are feeling interview nerves. Find out how to cope with them and give the interview performance you really want to.
Career Change
Are you interviewing for a career change? Find out the 5 things you must do here.
Interview Screening
So what is interview screening? It could well be the obstacle keeping you out of contention for the job you want. Find out what it’s all about and the most common screening methods here.
Ending The Interview
In a job interview your last impression counts too. Learn the art of ending the interview with these tips.
Job Description
Tips to help you use the job description to improve your interview performance and give the interviewer more of what they want to see.
Why are you leaving?
Why are you leaving is one of the most common interview questions there is. Find out why you need to put some thought into your answer.
Job interview tests
Follow these tips to how to handle the pressure of facing job interview tests.
Interview Feedback
Learn how to use interview feedback to make you a better candidate and improve your interview skills.
Benefits and salary
Find out what you need to know before you start talking about benefits and salary.
Sales interview
Going for a job in sales? You aren’t ready until you understand the fundamentals of success in the sales interview.
Sales Interview Tips
Going for a job in sales? Then you need these useful sales interview tips to help you clinch one of the biggest deals you’ll ever make. Getting the job you want!
Good interview questions
Whether you are an interviewer or interviewee, good interview questions matter. Get the lowdown right here.
Job Promotion Interview
A job promotion interview is that bit different. Here’s how to make sure you know what you need to know.
Interview Checklist
So are you all set for your interview? Why not review the interview checklist and make sure you’ve covered all the bases.
Interview rapport
People hire people they like. It’s a fact. So how do you make the interviewer like you? Learn how to develop interview rapport.
Psychometric test
If you are facing a psychometric test as part of your job interview don’t go any further without this guide to what its all about.
Interview help
Looking for guidance to help you get ready for that interview? Read the guide to how to get, and make the most of, interview help.
Informational Interview
Want to learn about the informational interview? Read part 1 of our guide here.
informational interview questions
Just because you are not answering the questions doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for an informational interview. Learn how right here.
Job search
Job search fundamentals and advice to get you started
Job search advice
Don’t just look in hope; use these nuggets of the most important job search advice.
Job search methods
If you want to find the job for you, you need to make sure you are using the right job search methods. Find out all about them now.
Job Search objectives
You have to know what you want in your job search if you want to achieve it. Otherwise the opportunity may pass you by. Set your job search objectives now.
Job Advertisements
Learning how to make sense of job advertisements will be one of the most important things you do in your job search.
Unadvertised jobs
Did you know that around a quarter of jobs out there aren’t even advertised? Find out how to tap into the unadvertised jobs out there and get the job you want.
Not all jobs are advertised. There is another, invisible job market, and the best way to tap into this is through networking effectively.
Recruitment consultants
Want the lowdown on how to deal with recruitment consultants in your job search? Get it here.
Job search checklist
Think you are ready to get your dream job? Be sure with the job search checklist.
Application forms
Like it or not, application forms are often part of the job search process. Read our guide to what you need to know.
How to write a CV
Need to know how to write a CV that will lead to interviews? Read our guide and get the knowledge.
Achievements in your cv
You need to know how to write about achievements in your cv if you want to impress. Find out how, now.
CV covering letters
Do you really need to bother with CV covering letters?
Graduate CV
Looking to put together your graduate CV? Don’t go any further until you read this!
Interview Strategy
Want to know what it takes to develop an interview strategy for success?
Targeted CV
Why you need to produce a targeted CV.
Best Interview Answers
The best candidates give best interview answers - but what makes an answer work?
Career management
If you’re reading this you are one of the generation for whom career management is going to be more important than ever before. Find out what it takes here.
Online Career Advice
There is no shortage of advice out there. But there probably is a shortage of advice worth listening to. Find out about the online career advice that you really need to explore.
CV writing service
Should You use A CV writing service?
Interview Format
Why you need to be ready no matter what interview format you face.
Sales CV
If you are writing a sales CV, you need to know what it takes to sell, to a salesman. Find out why most of your competition will fail.
Management job interview
Can you manage to impress in your management job interview? If you’re going to do so you need to understand what it takes to make it happen. Learn how, right now.
IT interview questions
What you need to know before you practice IT interview questions.
Mock interview
Want a sure-fire method to prepare for your big day? Use a mock interview.
Job interview books
Job interview books to help you get the job you want.
Behavioural Interview Tips
Three simple and effective behavioural interview tips
CV Writing Guide
The CV writing guide contains advice to some of the most common, and important questions about how to write a CV .
Graduate Interview
Tips to help you in your graduate interview
What is a job interview?
What is a job interview? The truth about what your upcoming job interview is, and what it is not.
Internal Interview
Get the lowdown on the internal interview right here.
Recruitment Agency
The real role of a recruitment agency, how they work, and how to get the most out of them.
Recruitment agency interview
What it takes to impress in the recruitment agency interview.
How to get an interview
Learn how to get an interview for a job you want
Interview Process
The interview process explained.
job search advice
Job search advice you really ought to ignore.
Interview strengths and weaknesses
How to handle questions about Interview strengths and weaknesses.
Customer service interview
Focus on the customer service interview.
College interview
If you have a university or college interview coming up, read this.
What job do i want
What job do i want is one of the most important questions of your job search. Here's what you need to consider.
Aptitude Test
How to approach your aptitude test.
Interview Analysis
The employer's interview analysis is not just about whether or not you gave the "right" answers or not. Find out what is really going on.
Effective CV writing
The three step plan for effective CV writing.
Acing job interviews
The keys to acing job interviews from now on.
Resume writing and interview preparation
Learn how your resume writing and interview preparation go hand in hand.
A perfect CV
Is there such a thing as a perfect CV? If you want to write a CV that works you will need to avoid these common CV faults.
During the job interview
What is really going on during the job interview and how to interview for success
How to resign
Knowing how to resign matters. Learn about getting it right and saving yourself from the stressor it could be.
Functional CV
The truth about the functional CV.
Researching employers
Why researching employers should be an integral part of your job search.
Online assessment centre
Tips to get through the online assessment centre.
Skills for the job interview
What are the skills for the job interview you need?
Conducting a job interview
Want to know what the person interviewing you is really thinking? Find out about the challenges of conducting a job interview.
CV personal profiles
Are CV personal profiles going to help or hinder you in the job search? Get the verdict here.
CV power words
What on earth are CV power words, and how can you use them to write a CV that will get you more interviews? Read this and find out.
CV presentation
CV presentation and how it will affect your job search success.
CV Registration
oes CV registration have a part to play in achieving the job search success you are after?

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