So many interview types, so little time

So why all the different interview types?

In the old days you turned up, had a meeting with your future boss, they grilled you with a few questions and that was that. Not anymore. Recruitment is a big deal. More than ever, companies recognise just how important finding the right people is and the emergence of different types of interview reflects this.

The traditional interview format is giving way, with a variety now being used. The traditional interview doesn’t always meet the demands of the modern company. Different types of interview allow them to explore aspects that may relate more specifically to their role. Whatever you face its your job to make sure you hit the mark .

Why is the interview type important?

• It dictates what you can expect from the interviewer

• It indicates what the interviewer will expect from you

Whatever the type of interview, the goal of employers remain the same – the core questions. Are you the candidate who has what it takes to do the job?

With a little homework you can make sure that whatever type of interview you face on your big day you are ready to shine. The type of interview to an extent will guide you as to how to deliver what they want to see.

As with all things in your interview, the first rule is be prepared. Find out what kind of interview will take place. If you aren’t given this information put in the effort to get your hands on it, it’s worth a lot to you. Ask HR or your recruitment consultant for the details. Once you know this your challenge is to understand what will be expected of you, and how to give the interviewer what they are after. You can learn everything you need right here.

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Such interviews are the most popular format for the recruitment agency interview.

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The stress interview
and the panel interview are two of the most challenging interviews you can face.

lIt ain't over till it's over. You may well have to face a second interview as part of the process. They present their own unique challenges but you can learn how to deal with them with these second interview tips.

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