The Internal Interview

Not all interviews are about moving on to greener pastures. Sometimes its about moving UP the ladder right where you are. If you are going for a promotion you will face an internal interview.

This is not your typical interview. There are some major differences that are likely to effect your chances of success in a big way.

You are a known entity

Remember how the first impression is one of the most crucial things to get right in an interview? Well when you interview internally you will already have a reputation that proceeds you. Rightly or wrongly the interview team may believe things about you and your performance that will be affecting the way they look at you.

You know your interviewer

They may know you, but you also know them. Your knowledge of the type of personalities that will be interviewing you should help you to give them what they want.

Less Nerves

Since it is a more familiar setting, most candidates find they suffer far less nerves, You know the type of interview you will face

Or at least you should. Being on the inside gives you access to all kinds of useful job interview information, so make the most of it. Find out all you can about the role requirements.This will really help you to give a great interview performance, as you know just what is required.

You may know your competition for the role

Its likely that you may know the people you are up against, and what they offer. This could be an uncomfortable situation. However you should never be allow yourself to feel intimidated by what you think you know of your competition. You are being interviewed because they believe you have what it takes to do the job.

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