Find out the Interview Tips that will put you ahead of the competition

Your preparation is your foundation, but the right interview tips can give you the finishing touches that help set you apart. Think of them as the icing on your cake.

What is the difference that makes the difference?

So you have prepared yourself for the interview. You feel ready. To take your interview to the next level its time to start to think about the whole package you present. About how to handle the interview itself.

The interview is a peculiar situation. You’re judged on your ability to do a job by how you perform in a meeting, with a stranger. The interview is like a game, where you have to try to learn the rules as you go along. One wrong move, and your chances of getting that offer can be over.

Recruitment consultants didn’t make these rules, but we definitely know them. Most important, we know what works. The little things that make the difference between rejection and a job offer. The right tips will raise your game.

These tips are what I’d share with my clients to give them an edge. Here's what you'll find out:

Understanding the interview process

How to deal with interview nerves and boost your confidence

First impressions really do last. Learn how to create a positive first impression that sets you on the way.

How to avoid the most common interview mistakes
The job description is your friend. Use it to help you in the interview.

The best candidates understand that knowing how to interview is a skill. Learn what it takes to join them, and give the interview performance you really want to.

What to wear

Interview etiquette – the unwritten “rules of engagement”
The pressure of the interview can sink your ship. Stay afloat with these tips to handling interview stress.

The art of Interview Presentation
Are you ready to win? Learn the fundamentals of interview success with The Ultimate Guide to Interview Answers. Not long to go? Make the most of the final hours before the interview.

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