Job Interview Mistakes

What are the top job interview mistakes?

Numerous surveys have revealed the top 10 reasons why employers reject candidates:

1. Inappropriate dress sense

2. Lack of enthusiasm

3. Bad manners

4. Lack of preparation

5. Lack of inquisitiveness about the company

6. Interested only in salary

7. Body language

8. One word answers

9. Failure to show ambition

10. Poor eye contact

So what does all this mean?

• The biggest turnoffs for interviewers are a lack of enthusiasm and an unsuitable dress sense.

• Studies suggest over half of employers make their decision about you during the very first minute of the interview! The way you dress and your interview presentation is vital.

• Lack of ability does not make the top ten reasons for not employing an applicant! It is taken as a given at this stage that you have the skills to do the job.

• The reasons are heavily biased towards the impression the candidate creates through their appearance, verbal and body language and their attitude.

•It may well be your technical ability and experience that gets you in front of the interviewer, but it is the way you present yourself that will get you the offer. The first impression you create is crucial.

What is the cause of job interview mistakes?

There are three problem areas:

Lack of preparation

Interviews are supposed to be prepared for. Without this you simply cannot perform well. It can never be achieved by winging it on the day. All that will show through is a lack of preparation. To an interviewer this is the ultimate snub, a sheer lack of respect.. So if you show any sign of a lack of preparation you fail the core question of whether you will do the job.

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There is no honour in turning up on the day and hoping for the best. It is not about what you see is what you get. It is about showing you are the right person by using the skills you would apply daily in any job: listening, communication and relationship building.

Lack of knowledge

Why would anyone seriously looking to invest their energy and time in a company not bother to find out about them?

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Poor presentation

This is crucial to the impression you make. It is about the combination of your grooming and body language, and how you say what you say.

Getting your presentation right can be more challenging to grasp. I’ve found this to be the area where the most work needs to be done, but it is also the area where you can gain the biggest advantage over your competition. As you improve you will be able to leave them further and further behind.

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