Resume Tips to interview success

So why think about resume tips when you have already secured an interview? Well there is more to your resume and job interview success than just applying for the job. You can, and should be using your resume to improve your performance. Average candidates forget all about their resume once they make an application. The best candidates use their resume to help them prepare for the interview.

By the time you get to interview your potential employer knows some important things about you. You’ve come through their screening process. They believe you have the skills to do the job – at least on paper. But people don’t hire resumes. They now want to find out what your resume doesn’t tell them about you. In other words the important things!

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There is a big difference between being able to do a job, and being the right person for the job. I like to think of the interview like a blind date. You may be well matched, but you have to meet to know if the chemistry is right!

Here are the top resume tips to help you make the most of the interview:

Always take copies of your resume to the interview

Not only does it look professional, you can refer to it during your answers to show the strength of your experience.

Use your resume to help prepare answers to questions

Use your resume to help you begin to bring your answers together. Involved in a major project? How will you explain it to demonstrate your worth? Go through your resume and think about the types of questions you will be asked (for sample questions click here). Then practice applying the STAR technique to formulate your answers. You’ll find these examples just roll off the tongue.

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Prove it

Don’t expect your resume to do the talking for you – be willing to expand upon your resume in the areas that are of interest to them. Your resume helps you sell yourself. But you have to back up your claims if you want the interviewer to buy it! Be prepared to expand on your resume and show them how you are qualified for the role.

Draw their attention to your strong performance

Don’t hide your achievements. The proof is in the pudding as they say- think about how you will talk about what you’ve achieved in your career and how you will show where you have demonstrated the skills for the job

Be ready for tough questions about your resume

We all have them. It might be a period out of work or a role that didn’t work out-its all laid bare on your resume. Try and anticipate areas where they may have concerns, and think about how you will deal with them.

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