Job Interview Skills to get the job

Improving your job interview skills will banish interview nerves, increase your confidence and help you to give your best job interview ever.

Some people don’t believe that interviewing is a skill. Usually they are the same people who don’t do well in interviews!

Yes, interviewing definitely is a skill. The good news is that means you can learn how to do it better. The interview doesn’t have to be the typical scenario of hit and hope.

Everyone answers questions. Some are better than others, but there is more to it than that. The difference between a skilled and a non skilled interviewee is the way they make the interviewer feel about them.

It comes back to the core questions. The better your interview skills, the more you will be able to convince the interviewer of the following:

• You are capable of doing the job. You are technically capable and experienced enough for the challenges of the position

• You are able to do the job. You are the type of personality who will fit into the team and company culture

• You are willing to do the job. You will be motivated and perform at your best if given the opportunity

There a few key areas you need to focus on. You can learn all about them here at

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