The Exit Interview

Even after you've accepted an offer and resigned you may face yet another interview! The exit interview is sometimes used when you are leaving a company. They are particularly common in large organisations. So you need to know what they are all about.

Breaking up is always hard to do

The fact is, they don’t want you to go. People are every organisations greatest asset (even if you don’t always feel that way). The main reason they are used is so companies can at least find out the reasons why you are leaving. It’s important for them to know why people leave to ensure this doesn’t become a costly problem. They will be looking to see if you have any particular grievances that may be held by other employees.

In some industries the exit interview can even be used as a last ditch attempt to try and persuade you to stay.

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If it seems as though the exit interview is all about your soon to be ex-employer, there is still one very good reason why it is worth doing properly; your professional reputation. After all it’s a small world, and it’s likely you will cross paths with some of these people again during your career. Its good practice to make sure you are held in high regard by people you deal with.

Heres how to do it: • Stay professional

Just like handing in your resignation letter, this is part of the long kiss goodbye. The way you conduct yourself will be remembered. Tie up the loose ends such as your leaving date and the handover of work, and commit to giving your best until you leave.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all

They may say they want to know why you are leaving, but sometimes the truth isn’t the best thing. Avoid complaining or making negative comments. Rather than talking about any push factors that may have driven you away, focus on the pull factors that attracted you to your new position.

Don’t be derailed

Prepare your reasons for leaving in advance. Remind yourself of them. They haven’t changed, and you have an exciting new opportunity waiting for you.

Don’t feel guilty

It’s your job to find and get the best for you. Don’t let yourself feel bad about moving on. At the end of the day, it’s just what happens in business.

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