How to accept a job offer

So have you weighed up the offer? Knowing how to accept a job offer will make moving to your new job a whole lot easier. You’ll be clear on everything you need to start your new role with confidence, knowing that everything is in order. So here’s what to do:

• Speak to the employer and let them know you accept and will confirm in writing. Serious business needs a formal document.

• Send your confirmation letter

You should include the details of the job title, package and salary. This way both parties are crystal clear what has been agreed. Your contract details will most likely be passed on to be processed by HR so it is a good idea to make it as plain as possible, and avoid any mistakes.

• Tell them your available start date in the letter

Avoid any confusion by letting them know when you will be available. There is usually much for the employer to arrange for a new starter so having this confirmed early will be appreciated.

• Request they send you a formal written offer/contract, confirming all the agreed details including benefits and salary. You want to get this neatly sewn up as soon as possible. The sooner you get the contract signed the sooner you can move forward in your career.

• Wait until you have received this formal offer before thinking about resigning

If you see this as an obvious point to make that’s a good thing. You shouldn’t commit yourself until the deal is firmly in place. Of course part of the process of knowing how to accept an offer is dealing with the business of how to resign. For more on how to resign - click here

• Be prepared for a counteroffer

Think they are just going to let you walk away? Not necassarily. You need to make sure you are mentally prepared to handle a counteroffer should you receive one.

How to reject a job offer

Just because you are turning down a job offer, don’t think that interview etiquette doesn’t apply. You never know what the future holds. You want them to see you as the great candidate who got away, not a lucky escape for them!

• Let them know you have decided to reject the job offer. More often than not, this is done over the phone, and followed up via email, but you could also write a job interview rejection letter, if you feel it’s more appropriate.

• Tell them you feel that after considering your options you feel the offer is not right for you at this point.

• Don’t get into too much detail about your reasons for turning it down. They are never nice for employers to hear and you never know when your paths might cross again.

• Thank them for the offer and for giving you the opportunity to interview with them.

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