Job Offers

If you’ve received a job offer, congratulations!

Job offers can make you feel excited, maybe even a little daunted. This is perfectly normal. Still it’s important not to take your eye off the ball. Let’s go through what you can expect.

You’re likely to receive the job offer over the phone or by email, but you can expect a formal job offer to arrive after this in the form of an official document. Apart from waiting for you to accept, the employer may also be looking to contact your job references , so make sure they are on standby.

Meanwhile it’s time for you to make the big decision. So how do you decide if this is the job for you? You need to ask yourself some important questions.

Your role

What will your responsibilities be?

What would your average working day look like? Do you like the sound of it?

Does it offer you the opportunities to learn and progress that you need?

Will you be motivated by this role?

Will the role provide you with the challenges you are looking for?

Is it what you want to be doing?

Salary & Benefits – are you willing to do the job?

Have they offered what you expected, If not, why?

Will you need to think about salary negotiation to get the right deal?

When and how often is your salary up for review?

Is there a structure for bonus payments, and what can you expect to receive?

How often will you have the opportunity for a performance review? How will you be assessed?

What is the package of benefits the company is offering? What is this worth to you?

Are all the benefits you want included in the offer? If not, how can this be resolved?


Will you be working in the right location?

How much travel is involved?

How will travel for work affect other areas of your life? Is this acceptable to you?

Training & Development

What are the opportunities for development in this role?

Can you see opportunities to progress with this organisation?

Will accepting this position help you move towards your career goals? What training will you receive?

How will this organisation help you to improve your skills?

Organisational Culture

Does it fit your personality?

Have you met with your colleagues or line manager to be?

Do you want to be a part of this team? Why?

It is important to recognise that this can be quite a stressful time, but that is only natural. However asking these questions will help you to make the right decision.

Using this approach you know how close to the mark a role is for you. It’s then a judgement call from you as to whether or not you wish to take the job. Hopefully this is the role for you, but if you decide it isn’t take some time to figure out exactly where it fell short.

Once you have decided whether or not you want the job, its time to accept or reject the job offer.

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