What you need to know about the Phone Interview

Getting a phone interview means they see you as someone who could do the job.

The recruitment process is all about whittling the numbers down from a pile of applications to that one person. The first step for employers and recruitment agencies is to create a shortlist of people for the all important face to face interview. Interviewing by phone helps them do this with flexibility and speed.

So, congratulations! You’ve made it this far. Plenty of people won’t have. To make the most of the opportunity you need to think about the challenges of being interviewed over the phone and how to cope with them.

What is the process?

The employer likes how you look on paper. Now they are looking to get to know you a bit better. Most of the time this means talking a little about your working background, and why you are interested in the position.

Make no mistake, being interviewed over the phone is a real part of the interview process. This is never a casual chat. Your number one aim is to ensure you get invited to that face-to-face interview. Don’t lose out here. Show you are suitable and create the right impression: You are someone, capable, willing and able to do the job.

Challenges of the phone interview

• Body language and what we see have a lot to do with communicating. You and the interviewer have to do without that. This means you have to really make sure your message is working for you.

• Your voice and accent may take on extra significance

• It may be more difficult to build rapport over the phone.

• They can’t see you – how do you convey your enthusiasm and personality?

• You must work harder to make sure you understand the questions

• It might come at an awkward time

• You have less time to impress

Don’t be daunted by the challenges. It's time to find out how to deal with them.

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