The Second Job Interview

Not all employers use a second job interview. And not all candidates make it through. So first of all, well done.

Of course, you’ve still got work to do. If you find yourself being invited back to do it all over again you will need to be aware of some of the differences of the second job interview, and what it takes to get that job offer nailed down.

The second interview may be used for a number of reasons:

• To allow you to meet a senior team member involved in the decision making process

• To allow you to meet a potential colleague you will be working with who will be involved in the decision making process

• To expand on what they learned about you from the first interview before making a decision.

Most probably it will be some combination of all three. What is important to recognise is that if you were not considered a strong candidate you would have already been ruled out of the process, so have confidence there is definite interest in you as a potential candidate to fill the role.

Will you fit the team?

If you make it to the second job interview there is no doubt you have the skills for the job and will be looking to see how you’d fit in .They want to know why it would be good to have you work with them.

They will be looking for clues about your personality, manageability and what motivates you.

What to expect in the second interview

It won’t necessarily be a case of going over the ground you covered in the first interview.

If you are to face any technical testing, or psychometric profiling it is likely to be at this stage. Often many companies save this to the latter stages of interview when there are fewer people on the shortlist. They will be looking to delve deeper into you as an individual and how you perform. You may also be interviewed by diferent people. What they want to know depends on who you see.

HR managers are usually looking at how you measure up to the core competencies of the role. They will be looking at broad areas such as teamworking, attitude under pressure and what motivates you. The line manager will be looking for someone who can fit the job description, so their questions tend to relate more directly to your on the job skills.

Depending on the industry you may have gone up the food chain to those with real hiring authority. This is common in sales roles. They will want to see for themselves just how good you are, and whether you will gel with their team.

Here are your three most important aims of the second job interview:

Impress all over again

Now more than ever you need to show you understand and are equipped to handle the challenges you will face. You have to come in fresh as though you’re starting from scratch – whether or not you are meeting new people. You’ve worked hard to get here, don’t take your foot off the pedal and relax. Stay professional till you’re over the line

Reinforce the positives & ease any concerns

Where did you impress the interviewer in the first interview? Use the second job interview to emphasize your strengths.

In the same way, if there were any areas where you were weak now is the time to convince the interviewer. Think back to the first interview – where can you improve? – What do you need to show to prove you are the right candidate for the job?

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Make the interviewers feel positive about you

People hire people they like. Remember they are looking for a colleague as well as an employee. The way you come across is just as important as what you say.

Now you understand the challenge of the job interview it’s time to think about how to meet them.

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