Second Interview Tips

The second interview poses some unique challenges. You are within touching distance of a job offer. Follow these top second interview tips to a successful second interview.

Know what to expect

You want to avoid any surprises. Your first priority is to know what to expect. When you are invited back for the second interview make sure you get the detail you need;

Who will you be meeting? this will affect the questions you are asked and what you need to do

What is the structure of the interview. What will be involved?

Will any testing take place?

Get the job interview information you need

Build on your knowledge and learn everything you can about the company. Do your homework Think about what you learned in the first interview. You now know even more about the employer, what they value and most important, what they want from you.

The interviewer will pick up on your knowledge as indication of your commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm. Just the kind of positive character traits you need to create to succeed in interview. For more about job interview information - click here Show you will fit in

One of the most important things is how well they think you will fit in. It’s core question central to the interview. It’s quite common to meet a future colleague or supervisor at second interview. You might also get the guided tour of the premises, where you might get the chance to meet more of them Your colleagues may be asked for their opinion about you (they may offer it even if they aren’t). Make sure it’s a good one and put your best foor forward.

You won’t have much time, but it’s important to make a good first impression. Be friendly and show an interest in them. It will work wonders.

Be ready for the second interview questions

You may face some of the same questions from the first interview. No problem, just answer them even better. Use your job interview follow up to see how and where you can improve. But there will also be new questions. Think about the areas they focused on in the first interview. Be ready to go into more depth. Prepare your answers.

You will also have the chance to shore up any areas where you felt you didn’t do so well in the first interview.

When you make it to second interview there is no doubt you are capable of doing the job. The interviewer is now more focused on you as an individual and whether you will fit the team. They will be thinking about your manageability, motivation and personality.

As you describe your experiences they will be looking to build a better picture of your character to predict what you will be like as an employee.

Review the sample interview questions and think about the type of character traits they will be looking for from you as you practice putting together your answers.

Continue to give great answers

It is just as important now to give proof you have what it takes to do the job. Use your knowledge from the first interview. What were they interested in. how you can take it further? Use the star technique to put together you answers. For more on how to answer interview questions- click here Presentation is still key

Remember it’s not just what you say, but how you make the interviewer feel. There are no absolutes when it comes to what makes a person fit in a accompany. Sometimes interviewers just have a “good feeling” about someone. The better you present yourself, the better you will do. You can learn more about presentation– click here Be prepared for money talk

It’s common for the second interview questions to cover salary and benefits. They will want to know what it takes to get you as a prelude to making an offer At this stage you should definitely know what you are looking for. For tips on salary negotiation – click here Ask your own questions

You should prepare your own second interview questions, based on what you’ve discussed and learned from the first interview and your research. It’s a real opportunity to show you understand the company and what would be required of you. They will see you as someone who can come in and hit the ground running. For help with questions to ask - click here

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