The Importance of Job Interview Presentation

It’s not enough just being the right person for the job, you have to show that you are. Job interview presentation is often the difference between being a strong candidate, and getting the job offer.

Good interview presentation is all about, the way you look and sound, your body language and the confidence in yourself you transmit to the interviewer.

The way you present yourself is the foundation of a good interview. The best candidates know just how important it is to getting the offer, but it’s often ignored by candidates more focused on what they will say, or overcoming their nerves.

"But isn’t presentation more about style than substance anyway?”

If presentation wasn’t important, employers wouldn’t hold interviews; they would just make an offer to the person with the best resume. But there is more to it than that. They want to meet you first. Why? The job itself will not resemble the interview scenario. The interview is a false situation created to assess you for a job by making assumptions about how you will perform, based on what they see.

The truth is the interview is all about your image. What the interviewer perceives is taken as real, for better or worse. The way you present yourself is hugely important. The reason for this is the truth that perception is reality. What the interviewer perceives about you is taken as the truth.

There is no point being a great candidate if you won’t show the interviewer that you are. Take ownership and commit to getting it right. You won’t look back.

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