Interview Body Language

So what is the big deal with interview body language? Why all the fuss? Well, bad body language is one of the top job interview mistakes. Its time to put that right.

Did you know that over 70% of any message we convey is in how we say it, rather than the actual words? The interviewer is making up their mind about you, and that takes into account more than just what you say. Job interview presentation is massively important and the right interview body language is a big part of that.

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it

Your body language at interview is crucial to the impression you make. It is about your personal impact, and how you say what you say. I’ve found this to be the area where the most work needs to be done, but it is also the area where you can gain the biggest advantage over your competitors. As your knowledge and confidence in this area increases you will be able to leave them further and further behind.

Often candidates worry they cannot learn the skills of interview body language, let alone put them into practice. Body language is both an art and a science. You could spend a long time studying and learning how to apply it…….but you don’t have to.

Once you grasp the idea that your answer is more than just the words you say you will undoubtedly improve your presentation and delivery because of your newfound awareness. There are a few key things to keep in mind

The most favourable traits are friendliness, confidence, and interest in us. I’m going assume you are a friendly enough type, you should have bags of confidence having been selected to interview, and you have researched the company well demonstrating your interest… just be yourself!

Using your body language effectively can help you create a rapport with the interviewer. This is a whole discipline in itself but you will succeed by making use of the following tips

Present yourself as a winner

Because if you look, smell and act like the successful candidate the chances are you will ultimately be that successful candidate.

Give a good handshake

A good firm handshake shows confidence and gives a strong impression. Apply a firm pressure, but don’t go overboard and grip too tightly! Practice your handshake on your friends so that it feels natural.

The eyes have it

Keeping a reasonable amount of eye contact indicates you are confident in your abilities and comfortable with the questions being asked of you. Don’t avoid eye contact, people who do seem untrustworthy which doesn’t help during an interview. Remember you are there on merit, they are interested in you. It can help to view the interviewer as a friend you are explaining something to.

Learn the art of sitting down

You want your posture to send a positive message. No slouching. Sit straight with both feet on the ground. Don’t fidget with your hands. Placing them in your lap indicates you are comfortable and confident.


Smiling is one of the simplest ways to create a great impression. Smiling not only helps you feel more confident, but relaxes the interviewer and helps to warm them towards you.

Now try this

It’s time to get interactive. Take the time to watch a soap or film with the sound turned off. Identify the body language cues that let you know who is confident, who is relaxed, who is in control. This will help you grow more aware of how you can use body language to communicate.

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