Job Interview first impressions matter

In the job interview first impressions matter.

One of the most important elements of an interview is that first impression you create. The first step to managing the impression you create is the development of self awareness. We are so used to seeing the world through our own eyes that it is easy to forget how to look at ourselves.

The people around you are constantly reacting to you, so just what is it they see? Think of a situation when you entered an unfamiliar setting recently, such as a meeting or getting on the bus. Now think about the following questions:

How did people respond to you?

Did they acknowledge you? Were they pleased to see you? Were they upbeat or downcast? Did they smile?

How did you look?

Rate your appearance out of 10. Were you smart, scruffy, fashionable?

What did they see?

How did you move?

What was your posture like – slouching or upright?

How did you feel?

Rate yourself out of 10

What were you thinking about?

What were you thinking about yourself?

Think about the way you moved. What did you do? What would I have noticed if I was observing you for the first time?

When you enter an environment it changes. People will react to the presence you create. The more positive your presence, the more positive the reaction to you will be. It is only natural that people are drawn towards someone who creates a positive impression.

The way you feel has a massive impact on the way you carry yourself. You will find that in those times when the reaction to you was good, you were probably feeling confident, relaxed and happy. This state of mind radiates from you in everything you do, and others respond to it automatically.

The good news is you can totally manage your interview presentation, because it is made up of your appearance, and the way you carry yourself. These are heavily influenced by the way you feel, and how you feel is the result of the thoughts you think.





Confidence is the key to making the job interview first impression work for you.

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