Interview confidence goes a long way

In the interview confidence is the name of the game. Your aim is to inspire confidence that you are the right person for the job. The trick is to inspire confidence in others you have to have it yourself. It starts with you. So how do you develop the interview confidence you need? Let’s start at the beginning.

What is confidence?

Confidence is not arrogance, rudeness or cockiness. Nor is it about putting on an act and pretending to be someone you aren’t.

Confidence is about having self belief and being comfortable with who you are.

Confidence comes from positive beliefs about yourself. Your beliefs are important because the thoughts inside your head lead to your behavior, and your behavior creates your outcome. It’s all about the following:

• The things you tell yourself (your thoughts)

• The things you tell others about yourself (your words)

• The way you carry yourself (your actions)

Why do you need confidence?

Confidence allows you to focus on success. Having a success focus programs you to believe in, and create a positive outcome. In other words having confidence raises your game.

Your confidence is picked up by the interviewer. It impacts on the impression you create, affecting your body language and showing through in every action.

Confidence defeats interview nerves. It helps you naturally make all the right moves. As useful as it may be to learn the tools of body language, with confidence you will automatically find yourself moving and using your body more effectively.

Why do interviewees lack confidence?

• People believe confidence is something you are blessed with, or if not have to do without. This is simply not true. Confidence is a skill you can learn to use for yourself like any other.

• Inadequate preparation. Not feeling ready or knowledgeable enough is a massive drain on confidence. By following what you read here at you will feel ready for anything.

• Lack of self esteem and self belief. This leads to a pessimistic attitude. Too many people suffer from this. Not believing they can succeed, they are beaten before they even start. Decide now not to be one of them.

The truth about interview confidence

It’s all in your mind?

Even great candidates can lack confidence in themselves. Do you lack confidence? If the answer is yes, how sure are you? Probably very confident! The problem isn’t that you lack confidence, just that you are confident about the wrong things. Things that don’t empower you.

Confidence is a skill

If you believe you lack confidence it is because you have simply trained yourself to think that way. In the same way you can train yourself to think and behave in a much more confident and positive manner.

The real secret to confidence is realizing it is something you can develop for yourself. You can use it to improve your interview performance.

Preparation creates confidence

You will multiply your confidence by being thoroughly and utterly prepared for the interview when it arrives. Your understanding of the interview will create a new attitude of readiness, and expectation of a positive outcome.

Believe in yourself

Creating success in your mind is the first step to creating it in reality. Show the interviewer that you believe in yourself.

You should already have bags of confidence

There is one massive reason why you should always be confident about your abilities: the interviewer already believes you can do the job!

After all you are not starting from scratch here. From the moment you sent your resume you have been looked at and weighed up. Plenty of candidates will have fallen by the wayside, leaving you among a select few chosen with one thing in common: the interviewer believes in your ability. They believe you can do it, so should you.

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