Want to know Phone interview tips to get ahead?

Now you know the challenges of the telephone interview, let’s look at the phone interview tips that will help you overcome them.

Organise yourself

You have total control of your environment during the phone interview. Make sure you use it to your advantage.

• Employers may probably contact you while you are at work. This can create an awkward moment for you at work attempting to take a call about looking for a new job in front of your colleagues or even your boss. Arrange a more suitable time.

• If you have an answering machine or voicemail make sure it is professional.

• If you are using a house telephone avoid distractions such as televisions and loud noises.

• Keep a copy of your resume by the telephone; this will be useful to talk through your experience.

• Be positive in your outlook and ready and willing to talk about your successes, and the role you played.

Think about your tone

• The way you sound is a major cue to the interviewer and is just as important as what you actually say.

• Be enthusiastic – remember they can’t see you so they will form opinion based on the way you sound.

• Practice smiling when you speak, this will also make a positive difference to your tone. An enthusiastic, relaxed and confident approach will keep the interviewer interested in what you have to say.

• One of the most useful phone interview tips is to practice answering questions and record yourself. It’s not always pretty but you’ll see how you can improve the pace, and tone of your voice.

During the interview

• Stand up while you are on the phone, this helps you project your voice and will actually make you feel more confident.

• Prepare an introduction to you. Remember, the interviewer will want to find out about you. Prepare a brief outline of yourself and your work that you can use as an icebreaker to introduce yourself

• Don’t forget to listen. It’s a two way street. You want to be sure that you understand the questions. Listen to their response to your answers. You’ll get valuable clues to whether you need to provide more information.

• Avoid yes/no answers. They are conversation killers. Be ready and willing to offer examples to back up what you say. Don’t be afraid to ask if they would like you to expand on your answer.

• Explain how your skills and experience match the role

• Let them know why you are interested in the role and the company

• Ask questions. You don’t want to hijack the interview but a few questions of your own can show your enthusiasm, and that you are switched on.

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