So you want interview success

So what does it take to pull off interview success? It all begins with interview preparation. Preparation is the platform that your interview is built on. It doesn’t matter how great a candidate you are, without preparation the wheels will come off very fast indeed.

Next, you need to know what the interviewer wants. You need to be able to get in the mind of the interviewer in order to know what it is they are looking for from you.

Last but not least you need to understand the art of interview presentation. Show them you are the genuine article. Without this, no matter how good you are the interviewer won’t know it. Your offer will go to someone else.

Now I’m going to assume that since you’re on this site, you understand the value of interview preparation. So let’s dive right into what the interviewer wants.

Why you must look from the interviewer’s perspective

By looking at the recruitment process from the interviewer’s perspective you gain a valuable insight into how they think. Interview success comes to the candidate best able to focus on the employer, and give them what they want.

The employer has put a lot into the process: time, energy and of course money. Failing to find the right candidate presents a problem, as more resources will be used as the process goes on. They will be under pressure to find the right candidate sooner rather than later.

The interviewer will be looking at you to see how you measure up. They will have drawn up a specification of skills and experience, but they will also know the type of character that will be necessary to perform the job to its potential. They will size you up and make the call.

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For the interviewer the end of the interview is either a time of satisfaction having found the right candidate, or frustration at failing to. Not finding the right candidate is often seen as a personal failure. It means more time and money lost in the recruitment process. It may also mean they have to reconsider the original job specification. Is the right candidate really out there?

The interviewer knows what they want, and they are just as keen for you to be the right person for the job as you are! Help them achieve their objectives and they will love you for it–and you’ll get the offer.

Just how important is presentation?

You’ve put it a lot of work to get yourself to interview. Don’t let yourself down with sloppy presentation. The way you present yourself is so important. What the interviewer perceives about you is taken as the truth. If they think you are a fantastic candidate with a “great” personality they will offer you the job.

Remember the whole purpose of the interview is to size you up, to get a feel for you. You may have a great message, being a great candidate, but the way you come across is the vehicle for delivering that message. If the vehicle is broken down, your message won’t be delivered.

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