Interview Etiquette; the rules

Why bother with interview etiquette?

All social interactions have unwritten rules. The interview is no different. Don’t follow them and you could undo all your hard work.

How well you follow these rules gives the interviewer signals about your character and personality. By observing interview etiquette you will be seen as the type of person who will be able to fit into the team. This is one of the core questions, of huge importance to the employer. So get it right.

Here are the top tips for interview etiquette.

Dress for the interview

The way you present yourself has a massive effect on the interviewer. It goes a long way to forming that all important first impression, and will be hard to shake off if you get it wrong. Your dress should send out the signal that you are a professional, with a professional attitude.

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Presentation is everything

The way you carry yourself makes a big impression on the interviewer. Being confident in yourself helps to make the interviewer confident in you. Practice entering the room, your handshake, and making eye contact.

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Be on time

I don’t need to mention this one, do I? Never be late. I’ve never known an employer react well to a late arrival. Make sure you know exactly how to get there, and arrive in good time to get yourself together. You should be entering the building about five minutes ahead of your interview appointment.

Give proof

Give the interviewer a hand. Don’t be like those candidates who behave as though they are trying to give as little away as possible. Avoid straight yes/no answers, even to closed questions.

Offer examples that show why you are capable of doing the job. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to clarify the meaning of a question if you don’t understand it. Better that than answering the wrong question. Ask the interviewer if they would like you to expand further.

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Don't fake it

It’s never a good idea to lie in the interview. You may be found out, and even if you aren’t it is likely to negatively affect your performance. Remember you need to be able to give proof of what you say. That's very difficult if you are lying!

Keep going with interview follow up

It’s not over when the interview ends. Thank the interviewer and express your interest again. Most people walk away and wait in hope for an offer. Imagine how much more impressed the interviewer will be if you follow up your interview and continue to show interest in the role and the company.

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