Your guide for the hours before the interview

Before the interview your job is to make sure you are prepared. But how do you make the most of those final few hours? In the recruitment industry it’s common practice to run through some key pointers the night before. Why? It works.

Here are the key points to think about before the interview:

Create the right impression

• Dress as if you already work there.

• Dress conservatively.

• Nails should be clean.

• Avoid jewellery.

• Make sure your hair is neat.

• Shoes shined.

• Avoid strong perfume or aftershave.

• Be early

• Firm handshake – practice it.

• Maintain eye contact.

• Voice – keep volume up, and be confident

Opening the interview

• Get the first 30 seconds right and you will establish a positive impression that will last throughout the interview.

•Give a firm handshake and be confident .

Interviewing is Matching

• Focus on what they want. Talk about the things in your background that relate to the job and present your abilities and skills according to what the company is looking for.

• Prepare a brief (1-2 minute) summary of your background. Pay attention to the areas that match up to the job description. • Don’t be afraid to clarify what they want from you. Identify what it is they want and then give them that.

Know how you will answer the tough questions

• Why are you leaving?

• What are you currently earning?

• What are you looking for in £?

For more on how to answer tough interview questions - click here Be prepared to talk about major achievements/projects

• Problems/challenge situation

• Task – your objectives

• Action – What you did – be specific about what you did as an individual

• Result – what was the benefit to the company?

• What you learned and what you would do differently with the knowledge you now have?

For more on how to answer questions - click here Be prepared for the standard questions

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

• What are your strengths?

• What are your weaknesses?

• Most significant accomplishments

• What can you do for us?

For more sample questions to rehearse - click here
Be prepared to talk about what attracted you to the role/company

Show them why you want to work for them. They will be delighted by your genuine enthusiasm in them as a company.

• 4 reasons why you want the job

• 4 benefits you believe the company can offer you

Ask intelligent Questions

• Focus on how you would perform as part of the team?

• What are the problems that need to be solved?

• Who will you be working with in and outside of the department?

• What are the short and long-range objectives?

• What are the qualities they are looking for in the person for this job?

For more on asking your own questions - click here End of interview

At this point you need to make sure the interviewer has covered all the bases necessary to feel confident about offering you the role.

• Is there anything else you would like to know more about me?

• Take references along with you. Proof of how confident you are in your ability


For more on ending the interview - click here Well there you have it – your quick and simple refresher guide for before the interview. Now it’s up to you!

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