The Job Promotion Interview

A job promotion interview stands apart from the other types of interview you could face. Typically an interview is all about moving on to a new company. A promotion interview is about climbing the ladder, without changing the wall it is up against. After all you don’t necessarily have to move on, in order to move up.

If you are preparing for a job promotion interview you see your future growth as linked to that of the organisation you are in. First off, that’s a great thing. Many people waste their careers, and lives in organisations that don’t fit them, so finding the right match for you is no mean feat.

There are some key things that make the job promotion interview different:

You know the real deal!

You know the reality of the job you are going for, and that counts for a lot. In most job hunts, candidates are limited to basing their interview preparation on the information they can gather from the job advertisement. This isn’t much to go on.

When you are going for a promotion you know the company, why the position is available and what challenges you will face in the role. Plus, you have a warts and all picture of what the job is all about. You know what you need to know to decide if the role is really right for you.

You have access to information

You’re an insider. You understand the role of the different “cogs” that comprise the organisational machine. You have access to information and knowledge an external candidate could only dream of. Plus you know how to get hold of the things you don’t know.

You have access to people in your (future) team, and information about their work. You can also get insight from the person exiting the role, perhaps in an informational interview.

You know and understand the company culture, and you understand what is important to success within the organisation and what it takes to fit in.

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The challenges you face

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and they aren’t wrong. One of the biggest challenges you face in an internal interview is that the interviewer knows you (or at least think they do).

This means there can be baggage around their perception of you and your capabilities. Of course I’m sure all of this is good, but if by some chance there are any doubts you will have to work to overcome any negative perceptions of you.

People get comfortable with what they know and they like to categorise others into boxes. Their existing impression of you could act as a kind of glass ceiling.

You job is to bridge the gap between what they think they know of you and where you need to be. Here’s how:

Be ready

Mine your sources. You have access to the job interview information you need. Use it to explore the position from every angle. Draw as detailed a picture as possible of what they are looking for – then be it.

Get a champion

You need someone on the inside to champion your cause. Get to know the people of influence. Who will be interviewing? Who are the people on the team you want to join? They will all have their input as to who gets the job. Make sure their input about you is positive. It’s a massive step. Get this right and the interview itself can become almost a formality. Fair? Perhaps not, but I’ve seen it done and it’s one of the fundamentals; people do business with people they like, and the same goes for who they choose to hire.

Show your enthusiasm

Let them know you want the job; this is your big chance and you want it. Sometimes your enthusiasm really can be the difference. Be prepared, do your research, and don’t be afraid to let them know you want the job.

Dress for the job you want

If you want the part, you better look the part. And not just on the day of the interview. Remember the perception of you is constantly being shaped. Look like a person who is ready to take the next step up- not just in terms of your dress, but the way you carry yourself. Look and sound as though you are ready for bigger things and you will find bigger things come to you.

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Of course, all the points above are designed to give you the chance to succeed. To make the most of that chance you will also need to deliver in the interview itself. The Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers will help you to do just that.

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