The management job interview

Fundamentally the management job interview is much like any other; you face questions, the employer wants to know whether you have what it takes, and its your job to convince them that you do. The difference is in what exactly they will be looking for from you in a management role.

What is management?

Being a manager is easy, just ask anybody who isn’t one. The truth is of course that management is surely one of the most challenging roles in any organisation. The manager sets the tone. It is their job to find a way to make things work better.

Perhaps the best managers combine technical know how, with leadership skills, the ability to communicate a vision and the ability to inspire others to work towards it. These are the types of things employers will be looking for from you.

What you need to demonstrate to the employer

Fundamentally in a management job interview there are four things you will have to demonstrate. Management skills are not always a tangible thing, so think about how you can best prove the following to an employer

1)You can lead the team

If u want to lead, you have to look like a leader. Do you look like someone they can believe in? Your interview presentation will be crucial, as is creating the right first impression. Do you have the confidence and charisma it takes to inspire those around you? Can you show it?

2)You are able to get results

A manager is judged on what happens on their watch. Can you demonstrate a track record of building and maintaining teams that achieve?

3)You take responsibility

A manager has to stand up and be counted. Are you the type of person who not only identifies what is wrong but is able to put in action the plans to fix it?

4)You are able to handle people

The people you manage are just as important as the resources, just far more volatile! Work with enough people, for enough time, and you are bound to find conflict eventually. Can you deal with it effectively and keep the team on track towards the organisational goals?

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