How to give Job interview presentations that work

The type of interview you face depends on what the employer is looking for from you. Job interview presentations are increasingly popular, especially in roles where you will be dealing with people. If you are going to do it, you need to do it right.

Why you might find yourself doing one

Presentations are especially common when you work in industries such as sales with an emphasis on your personal impact and presentation. An interview presentation gives the interviewer a chance to look at more job specific skills. They will be looking for the following:

• Presentation abilities:

How do you come across? Will you be the type of person who can deal with/impress customers?

• Preparation:

Do you know your subject? Have you shown the commitment/motivation to put it together?

• Your ability to stand out from the crowd

They have probably sat through the same material many times over, how will you differentiate yourself as that someone special?

• Confidence

Do you have the belief in yourself and your abilities?

• Your ability to cope under pressure

Standing in an interview giving a presentation can be a real test of nerve. At least if you are unsure of what it takes to put together a winning presentation.

How to put together a presentation

Look the part and get their attention

The way you present is just as important as your presentation itself. Make sure you are dressed for the interview and you look professional – not only will you feel better, your audience will respond better to you presentation.

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Make sure your presentation is well presented

Keep it neat and professional looking. Don’t try and cram all the details of a subject onto one slide; your audience will be bombarded with too much information and you’ll be reduced to just reading out your own material off screen. Keep their interest by placing your headlines and points of emphasis on the slide, then talking around them.

Know your lines (and your subject)

do your homework make sure you know what you’re talking about, it gives you confidence and produces a better, more informed presentation.


Make sure you know your presentation and will be comfortable going through it. You may choose to use cue cards, but know your presentation well enough so that you don’t have to read from them word for word. Practice your presentation until you can reduce your notes to just a few words to prompt you for each point.

Be confident

It rubs off on the interviewer. Your audience tends to believe in you about as much as you do. As long as you put in the work you need on your preparation your presentation will go just fine.

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