Winning in the Sales Interview

In a way every interview is a sales interview. The product of course is yourself, and your experiences. It’s up to you to close the deal. So if you’re sales professional you may have a head start. In fact you are probably an interview natural. After all, as a salesperson you are used to selling yourself everyday on the job.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a breeze. After all, your competition is other salespeople. That means the bar for all of you may be that much higher. To win in the sales interview you need to be the one who delivers that bit more than the rest. How do you do this? By giving the interviewer more of what they want of course.

Let’s think about the challenges you face.

What they are looking for from you

• Proof

Words alone will not cut it. Believe me, the interviewer will be use to hearing big talk, and it means little. They will be looking for evidence of what you can do. Competency based questioning is common. After all, sales people have cold hard targets, and the numbers don’t lie.


The way you present yourself will shape their opinion of you as a salesperson You absolutely must inspire confidence. This begins with winning them over If they don’t buy you, they won’t hire you.

The Look

Do you look like someone they could put in front of their customers? They will be asking themselves if they would buy from you.


No I’m not talking about having the latest designer shades, but the ability to cope under pressure. After all, sales is pressure – can you handle it? You may find the use of stress interview techniques to test your ability to cope.


In sales you will have to take some hard hits. Are you the kind of person who can keep going through them? Can you prove it?

Are you daunted? Don’t be.

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