Sales Interview Tips

Ok, you’ve watched the boiler room. You know what the industry is all about. When you understand the sales interview challenges its time for the sales interview tips to get you the job you want.

Everything is selling

The interview is just like a sales call. You have a prospect; the interviewer, and a product; yourself. You have to make them buy into you if you want to get hired. Approach the interview with the same professionalism you would a sales call to a potential client. After all that’s just what this is.

Preparation is key

I know many salespeople are so comfortable in an interview situation it can be tempting to wing it. Don’t! You will always perform better when you thoroughly know your customer, and your pitch. Put the time in to prepare and you will get your rewards. The best candidates are the best prepared. Practice your presentation.

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Do your research

To make an effective pitch you have to do your homework. Who is your customer, and what exactly are they looking for? It’s the same in your interview. When you know what they are looking for, you just have to show them why you’re it.

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Prove you are an achiever

Remember your actions are worth more than your words. We all know the clichés of the slick talking salesperson. The interviewer will be looking for more than just big talk. You need to be able to prove you are capable. Give them examples; evidence of why you really are the genuine article. Be ready to give the kind of answers that do just that.

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Show you have the key sales qualities

Persistence in the face of rejection, determination, desire and the ability to identify and deliver what the customer wants. You need to leave the interviewer in no doubt that you have the attitude, aptitude and personality to be the right person. Think about examples you will use for each trait you want to show, to sell your achievements.

Ask the right questions

Just like on a sales call, questions help you to pinpoint exactly what they want, so you can home in on giving it to them. They also give you a chance to guide the interviewer towards talking about your strengths and where you will fit into the team. Do your homework to make sure you use your questions wisely.

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Close, Close, Close!

You have probably heard the sales mantra ABC; always be closing. as a salesperson you appreciate the importance of closing throughout your pitch, making sure to overcome any objections before they can become established. It’s the same in the interview. Make sure you fully answer their questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they would like you to expand on your answer; better that then leave them unsure.

Find out what they are looking for then demonstrate how you can deliver it, again and again. Use language that makes the interviewer picture you in the job. This is known an assumptive language and it is very powerful because it encourages the interviewer to see YOU as successful. Once they can picture it, you are that step closer. It’s the same principle behind test driving a car. The way the interview ends is significant. Just as first impressions last, last impressions linger so your exit should be a positive one.

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