Don't get stressed by Job Interview Tests

In all my experience as a recruiter few things caused as much nervousness, anxiety, and straight up hissy fits as the prospect of job interview tests. It seems they are one of the most feared aspects of a job interview. So why do we all hate job interview tests?

I think it’s down to a magnified fear of losing. Its bad enough putting it on the line going for an interview. A test conjures up all those fears of failure most of us haven’t had to deal with since our school days. Let’s face it; once we are settled in the routine daily life of our jobs, failure is something we are not often confronted with. Job interview tests can often explore areas we are not used to.

I’ve seen some pretty irrational and idiotic responses to the prospect of a job interview test - with some candidates refusing to attend an interview rather than sit through a “meaningless” test.

There are two ways to avoid this situation:

Understand the interview

Relax……yes it may be a test. But the entire interview is a test in some form. Besides, whatever type of interview you face, they are simply trying to determine whether or not you are the candidate they have been searching for.

To answer the core questions of the interview you will face many tests:

• Can you create a positive first impression?

• Are you dressed appropriately?

• Can you build a rapport?

• Can you inspire confidence in your abilities?

• Do you seem like the right kind of person to fit into the team?

When you consider this a formal test is nothing to fear. Besides, in a wider context, outside the office in the real world we are being tested and judged all the time, and we are judging others. If you want to better yourself, sooner or later you are going to have to prove you are ready. That means facing a “test”. And if somehow things don’t go your way, just remember that “failure” is only temporary. You will get another chance, and when you are ready you will succeed.

Be ready

If you have explored this site (and you should) you know the importance of preparation.

You know that when you are ready to give a great interview, and brimming with confidence, failure will be the last thing on your mind.

Do what you need to do to prepare for the interview. With the right preparation you really can be ready for anything. Find out what type of interview you will face, the structure, and what tests will be used.

There is not a single job interview test in which you cannot improve your performance with the right preparation. Are you willing to do what you need to do? Over to you...........

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