How to approach the aptitude test

Ok, so you are facing an aptitude test. The most fundamental piece of advice I can offer is STAY CALM. Too often people let themselves become overwhelmed by the mere thought of a test, and its this reaction to it that damages performance.

The fact is you’ve already faced, and will face, far greater challenges in the workplace, the job hunt and your life. See it for what it is. Just another step in the interview process. And by now you know how this thing works; If you want it, you have to prove it, by being ready when the challenge/opportunity presents itself. This test is just another one of those occasions.

Besides, noone wants you to fail. The employer is looking for the right candidate, just as you are looking to be it.

See it as just a piece of the puzzle employers use in creating the overall picture of you as a candidate. Its not the whole puzzle. You are not likely to be ruled out (or in, for that matter) because of your aptitude test.

Now the pep talk is done, here are 4 practical tips to get you through.

1)Be prepared

Preparation breeds confidence, and so the more confident you feel about the interview process as a whole, the more relaxed you will be. The more relaxed you are the easier you will find it. Learn more about interview preparation here.

2)Pay attention

Take full notice of any instructions as to how to perform. Do not start until you are sure of how much time you have and what is required of you. If you are not sure of anything, be sure to ask.

3)Keep an eye on the clock

Be aware of the time constraints. Don’t get held up by over-thinking your answers

4)Answer all the questions

An unanswered question is the same as a wrong answer. Go for it!

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