The college interview

So you are facing a college interview? If so, congratulations. You’re about to embark on a very exciting period in your life. However before you get there, you have to get to grips with the interview itself. Colleges and universities are increasingly using the interview as a chance to screen applicants for places on there courses. For you its an opportunity to learn more about the college, and to show that there is more to you than your grades in school. You’re the type of well rounded, individual that any institution would be proud to have represent them. Which of course, you are.

The structure of your interview will of course be determined by the college you are visiting and the course you plan to study, so make sure you are armed with all the details so you know what to expect.

What you need to show

Despite what you may have heard at school it isn’t all about your grades. Lets be honest; at this level, you’ve all got them. Just as important is the type of person you are. In a job interview, we have the core questions, and while they don’t all apply in this situation, the question of whether you will fit the team is the basic premise of the college interview.

Every college has an identity, built on its tradition, values and culture. Your interview is your chance to show not only that you appreciate these things, but that you are the type of person who will help continue them in the future. The type of person you are is important, and is one of the key reasons for the interview in the first place; as I said, you are more than just your grades. WIN THEM OVER

how to do it

Its important so show a genuine interest in your college interview. Remember it is a two way process; just as colleges select students, students select colleges. Let them know why you want to join them.

Do some background into the college and the course you wish to join. Think of questions you can ask in these areas to show your enthusiasm for being part of the college.

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