Is a Job Interview thank you letter worth the effort?

The best candidates know the importance of sending a job interview thank you letter.

Why send a thank you letter?

• It shows you are enthusiastic about the position – employers want to know that you will want the job

• It shows you have the right kind of attitude

• It shows you are proactive, most candidates simply walk away

• It makes you stand out from your competition, who won’t send them

• It’s good interview etiquette

• It lets you re-emphasize the positive things about yourself from the interview

What to do when sending a thank you letter

• Consider sending your thank you in the form of a thank you email. Research suggests a growing number of employers prefer this to the more traditional snail mail version. You know the employer. Decide which you think is best.

• Aim to send it within a day of the interview – you want it to arrive while the employer is still in the process of evaluating candidates

• Thank them for their time

• Let them know you are interested in the position

• Mention what you learned during the interview when you write a thank you letter, specifically those things you feel you are qualified to do.

• If the company's procedure is to hold second interviews for the position, show your interest in coming in for a second round.

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