Job search advice to ignore

Do you know why you should be careful who you take job search advice from? You just might end up like them.

Having worked as a Recruitment Consultant I realised just how little many people know about how to get the jobs they want. Perhaps the people who do know just keep that knowledge to themselves. Regardless it seems that many people are either going it alone or following the job search advice that they can get from friends and colleagues.

As well meaning as some of this advice may be, some of it just isn’t very good. So Im going to expose some of the worst pieces of job search advice you are ever likely to hear. If you ever hear the following, close your ears…..or run!

1)There aren’t any jobs at the moment (so no point looking)

Ok, unless you are being told this by the head of recruitment at an organisation you have just asked for a job, it simply isn’t true. Look around. People, communities, businesses, all ticking along. Regardless of the doom and gloom you may hear about the economy, there are jobs. Granted, there may be less of them, but how many jobs do you want? I’m going to guess that one good job will do you just fine. Good jobs will always require good people, and good people are always in short supply.

2)u have to stick to what u know, u cant change direction

……..Except you can, in fact you could argue that in the modern world you must. Nothing stays the same, your job probably won’t either. We are constantly adapting in our careers to different requirements and demands. Why not make different demands for yourself? You can if you want to, and you certainly wouldn’t be the first.

For a great site on finding a new career direction - click here 3) noone enjoys their job so no point trying to

How depressing. However I don’t believe its true. Besides, if it is true for anybody its most likely because of attitudes and advice just like this! Decide what you want, then come up with a plan to get the job you really want. Life is too short.

4) u need to list all your work experience on your CV

A more technical piece of advice here. However its not really what employers are looking for. They are looking for an individual with a specific set of skills and experience. And they want that person now, without spending hour after hour reading through CV’s. You know what they want, its in the job advertisement and job description. Give that to them.

For advice on how to write a CV- click here 5) registering with recruiters is the best way to go, they'll do the work for you

Afraid not. Registering with recruiters has its place, but the most important actions in your job search will all fall to you. That’s actually a good thing, it means you have more control than you may think you do.

To learn what you need to know about recruitment agencies - click here 6) it takes time to get the position you want

The truth is it takes as long as it takes. How long will it take for you to identify what you want, find an opportunity and become a good enough candidate to get such a position? The answer to those questions is going to be up to you.

I suggest you start here, by visiting the job search pages on this site. I promise, the only advice you’ll find here is the kind that will help you get to where you want to go.

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