How to write a CV

Not knowing how to write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) is one of the biggest reasons for a lack of success in the job search . In order to create an effective CV, one that leads to interviews its important to understand how the CV fits in the selection process, and what your objective is. First off, what exactly is a CV?

What a CV is depends on who you are. Lets consider the two perspectives; yours and the employers.

A CV (not to be confused with a resume) is your career document containing details of your relevant work experience. Its used as part of the job application process, to entice employers to invite you to interview, by showing you meet the requirements to be considered for the role.

For employers viewing candidate CV’s gives an opportunity to identify those who may be suitable. However, your CV also presents the employer with a challenge, since it is likely one of many. That creates a workload, and an element of time pressure. The longer the search goes on, the more resources must be invested into it.

There is also the issue of finding the right person. The process of identifying suitable candidates is known as screening, and takes place right up until an offer is made. It can be demanding and time consuming to screen candidates. It can also be frustrating dealing with poor CVs from candidates.

You better get your CV right

Your CV is your chance to sell yourself. To let the employer know you are the type of candidate they just have to consider. Your CV may only be in front of the recruiter for a few seconds before they make the decision to go on and read further, or put it in the trash. Knowing how to write a CV so that it makes the right impression is vital.

Worried? You needn’t be, after all the presentation of your CV is totally within your control. Get it right and you will have a hugely positive impact on how you are perceived by the employer. Think of your CV as your ambassador. You should be confident that it will help show you in the best possible light. Don’t apply until you are confident that it does.

Many of your competitors will be unsure of their CV’s because they don’t fully understand what they want, and are lacking in clear job search objectives . Not only this, they also don’t understand what the employer wants and how to write a CV that gives it to them. Since you WILL, you can leave your competition in the shade.

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