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Knowing how to write the perfect CV is one of the most important skills you never learned. Working as a recruitment consultant , coming across tens, or even hundreds of CVs per day I feel pretty safe in saying I’ve seen most things. The good the bad, and the ugly. CV writing is crucial, yet despite this most of us have received no formal training in how to put together one of the most important documents we will ever produce.

Think about it. Most of your hopes, and ambitions are directly linked to your professional career. Your job. But the wrong CV can seriously limit your chances of making those hopes and dreams come true. Without knowing how to write a CV even the best candidates find the job search hit’s a brick wall.

That brick wall is called the screening process . Its where employers sort out the CVs of candidates they are interested, in from those they are not. Good CV, you’re in. Poor CV, in the bin. Most CVs fall by the wayside. At this stage, many applicants have to be reduced to a few for the interview, employers have to be merciless.

If you make it through to interview, you will of course have a lot more influence over the process. But first you have to get your foot in the door. The good news is you don’t actually have to write the perfect CV. You just have to show enough to make it through the screening process.

To prevent your resume being ruled out, you need to spark their interest, by showing potential. Recruiters won’t necessarily read your CV through, but are likely to glance through, noticing layout, presentation, looking for key skills and experiences. .

The first impression is everything, 2 or 3 sentences may be all you get - if you turn them off its over.


By applying the CV tips you will learn here, you can increase your chances of being one of the candidates whose CV makes it through the screening process. Based on thousands of CVs, employer insights ands successful candidates, the CV tips you’ll find here will help you to model the most effective CVs, and avoid the worst.

Arguably the most important step on your way to being able to write a perfect CV is knowing what not to do! Some things are virtually guaranteed to turn an employer off.

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