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So what can I tell you about IT interview questions? I was lucky enough to spend a year working for one of the UK’s top IT recruitment agencies. And if I didn’t see it all, I certainly saw most of it. Obviously in such a field as diverse and rapidly evolving there will never be a single set of IT Interview questions that I could offer you as a one size fits all solution. What I hope to give you here is the beginnings of a basis for understanding that will stand you in good stead, and set you on the path towards interview success. I believe that your understanding will be the basis of your success in the job search . As the saying goes; give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat forever.

The geeks may inherit the earth, but they wont get the job!

The common misconception amongst IT interview candidates was the one about whether you need to prepare to face either a technical or a HR interview. In one you talk technology, in the other, its more about your personality and how you come across. The truth is, however it may seem, its always both. Being technically great is not enough anymore (if it ever was). You must have the interview skills too. Employers want the total package, and you need to show them you are it.

The truth about IT Interview questions

At the core of any IT interview question are the same core questions as in any “regular” interview. In that sense your IT interview should be no different to a candidate going for any other type of role. The bedrock is still your preparation, your ability to understand exactly what it is that the interviewer wants, and your ability to present it to them through your interview. The only difference of course is that the skills and experience required will be technological in nature.

Sometimes interviewers limit the number of specific IT questions they use. Instead they use a job interview test to determine just how good you are in that skill set. A Lot of candidates hate this, I’ve even seen them refuse to be interviewed for the position if they have to face a test! So they walked away and let someone else get their job.

Don’t be like them. Do your research and find out as much as you can about the test - then give it your best. Refusing to sit the test indicates to an employer you are one of 3 things:

1) Nervous

2)Unsure you can back up what you’ve said in your resume, (perhaps you bent the truth?)

3) A fool

None of the three are attractive to an employer, and only the first is forgivable. You can learn how to deal with interview nerves and develop the confidence you need on this site. So no excuses.

In broad terms IT interview questions are just like any other. The interviewer has in mind the ideal attributes they are looking for, and each question is designed to learn about you in the three core areas of

Can you do the job?

Will you perform?

Will you fit into the organisation?

The second and third core questions will be answered by the way you have prepared, the way you present yourself, your first impression, the way you dress, the confidence you exhibit and inspire in them, and the way you answer questions. You can learn all this right here at

However for IT interview questions in your specific niche, here is a great site I can recommend

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