How to give your best interview answers

If you want interview success you need to do the things that the best candidates do. One of those things is to give the best interview answers. But just what is it that they are doing with their answers that sets them apart. What’s the difference between the average and the very best answers? There are four things candidates who give the best answers manage to achieve;

1)They go right to the core

Fundamentally the best interview answers resolve the core questions at the heart of the interview. They make the interviewer believe that you are the type of candidate who is willing, able and motivated to be the kind of person they are looking for. The kind of person that will enrich their organisation. Ultimately they must feel you are the kind of person they can believe in.

2)They understand how questions work

You need to understand how questions work in order to deliver your best interview answers. Otherwise its very easy to talk a lot, while saying little that matters to your interviewer. By understanding that each question is about the interviewer trying to identify the presence (or lack)of a required level of experience, certain character trait or ability, relating to your potential performance in the role.

Your job is to focus on that aspect in your answer, and leave the interviewer in no doubt that you are a fit for the job. To do this you need to know what exactly that fit is. Which leads me neatly to point three…………….

3) They know what the interviewer is looking for

You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what the target is. In the same way you cant give the interviewer what they are looking for unless you know what their vision of the “ideal” candidate is. But don’t panic, you won’t need a crystal ball. They will have left clues, some more obvious than others, about what they want. You just need to clearly define what that is. Do your research, get the job interview information and background you require. Carry out an informational interview. In short, leave no stone unturned until you are absolutely certain what the employer will be looking for you in each area. Then start preparing the answers that will best show you to be those things

For more on how to answer interview questions - click here 4) They know how to deliver

The best interview answers are delivered well. Knowing how to present yourself is a fundamental as how you deliver your message is just as important as the words you actually say. In fact, more so.

Creating the right first impression, is crucial , as is having the confidence and self belief to transmit your qualities to the interviewer. Believe in yourself, and they will to. The best way to develop confidence is to feel ready, and you can achieve this through effective interview preparation.

Right, now you have the four fundamentals of delivering the best interview answers, guaranteed to knock their socks off. That’s the theory, I’ll leave the practice to you. Good luck

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