Career management

Career management matters. It is probably going to be central to the happiness and satisfaction you get out of life. Where and how you work will affect you, your family, your friends and the choices available to you over the coming years. I believe career management is all about looking after yourself, taking responsibility for yourself and setting your own direction.

In the past generation we have seen the end of the job for life. More and more of us can expect to have more than one career, as the global economy continues to grow, and evolve. Career management is about heading to where you choose to be, rather than where you drift. But what exactly does it take?

Build and develop transferable skills

In the long run, transferable skills will probably be just as important to your career as whatever you are currently working on. Don’t neglect them.

Take responsibility for your career

Comforting as it may seem to be “protected” by your employer this often isn’t the case in reality. Regardless of the situation in the economy, your industry or your workplace you will be much better placed if you take responsibility for your own career. The more can do this, the better placed you will be to create, and take the opportunities that exist out there. Here is a great site I can recommend to help you in this area;

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Be ready to seize opportunity - know how to find the job for you

There is a reason why we use the term “wage slave”. Don’t sacrifice your independence for a salary. Just knowing you can go out and get a job gives you a freedom that is actually very rare in the workplace. Keep your resume up to date. It never hurts to have options.

If you are looking for resume writing tips and tools, here is a site I can recommend

Understand the recruitment process and how to be a winner

Most people don’t understand how the recruitment process works, so they don’t understand what it takes to get the job they want. The knowledge will be priceless in helping you manage your career, so get it. Then USE it.

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Interviewing is a skill - master it

Too many people stay too long in positions they no longer want or enjoy because they really don’t believe they could get better. Do what it takes to make sure you are not one of them. Life’s too short.

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Develop a strong and powerful network

One of the simplest yet most important career management tips I can give you is to use your network. Over the years they have the potential to deliver an awful lot for you. And you really never know who it will be, so don’t neglect them!

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