The art of networking

Ok, so you know that not all jobs are advertised . If you want to tap into this pool you will need to make use of your networking abilities. Your network is the list of contacts you have; friends, family, colleagues past or present, customers, suppliers and everything in between.

Why is it so powerful?

The first impression is one of the most crucial aspects of the job search , whether it be the first viewing of your CV or the meeting with the interviewer. When you network effectively you are dealing with people who already have a good impression of you, so your job is much easier.

The larger and more effective your network, the more powerful it can be for you. The people within it may well be in a position to help you in your job search. The more people you have pulling for you, the more powerful you will be, and the better chance you have of succeeding.

How to play the game

If you want access to unadvertised jobs you are going have to work your network. The number one rule of networking is that you get out what you put in. The more proactive you are the stronger your network and the better results it will yield. Here are my three top tips.

1) Identify your network

Make a list of the people you know, think about who might be in a position to offer advice, insight or opportunity.

2)broaden your network

in the medium term you want to make use of an ever expanding network, it will serve you well. More contacts will lead to more opportunities, so you should always be on the lookout. Don’t lose touch, especially with those people who have championed your cause and supported you along the way. They will likely come through for you in the future.

3)Mine your network

Let people know you are looking. If you are seen as someone who is ready to take the next step, people will look for ways to help you advance along your chosen path. Consider who you can use as the subject of an informational interview . This can be a great source of information to use to help you in your job search.

So there you have the art of effective networking, in a nutshell. Make the most of people power and you may well find the a host of unadvertised jobs you would never have heard of coming your way.

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