Unadvertised Jobs

Everyone knows the first thing to do in a job search is to check out the job ads right? But there is also a goldmine of opportunities out there in unadvertised jobs. These are the jobs that you may never hear about and have the chance to apply for. Lets get to grips with how it all works.

Why are some jobs unadvertised?

Your social network is important in all areas of your life, including your career. Here are two key reasons why;

People hire people they like

Its true. that’s one of the reasons why your first impression and building rapport in the interview is so important. In most cases hiring managers would much rather take on someone they know and trust they will get along with, than an unknown entity.

It stands to reason that people like to have people they know and like work for them. Hiring someone you know eliminates the second important factor ; risk.


An employer is desperate not to make a mistake when they hire somebody. The recruitment process costs a lot of time and money for a reason; its an important decision and finding the right person matters.

At the end of the day no matter how rigorous the process, there remains an element of risk; will the successful candidate turn out to be as good as they seemed to be?

However if they are able to hire someone they know that risk is reduced. A known entity will be someone who understands the way they do things. Someone they can trust.

Remember the purpose of the interview is to answer the core questions , and they can be sure when they are dealing with someone they already have experience of. They know enough about you to believe in you and your track record (you will perform), and you are already one of the gang (you fit in).

There is a chance that among the unadvertised jobs out there is the job for you. You certainly want to open yourself up to as many opportunities as you can in your job search . To do so you will need to know how to exploit the value of your contacts, and make the most of the art of networking.

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