How to resign

Knowing how to resign matters

Moving house is acknowledged as one of the biggest stressors in modern life. And most of us spend more time in our place of work than we do in our homes. At least when we are awake (you aren’t sleeping at work are you?!). Knowing how to resign will help you get through a potentially stressful time as smoothly as possible. Then you are free and clear to start on your new path, happy that you have tied up the loose ends.

Its pretty unlikely that your employer is going to be ecstatic that you are resigning. They may even try to convince you to stay, by making a counteroffer, which could present you with a whole new challenge to think about. At the same time, you must focus on doing what is best for you.

Knowing how to resign matters for three reasons;

1)If you get it wrong it will make for an uncomfortable notice period full of ill feeling. Never a good thing.

2)It could effect the reference you get.

3)It may negatively impact on your reputation in the industry. People talk. You want to do your best to ensure that when they get around to you, those who have come across your professionally have good things to say.

Typically you resign with a resignation letter, but this is also usually accompanied by a meeting with your boss. This can be quite stressful if you haven’t clearly planned out how to resign beforehand.

Knowing how to resign is much like knowing how to break up with somebody. Here are some tips to help you;

Know when to end it

So is it definitely over and are you ready to move on? I have witnessed a few occasions where people have resigned before the job offer for their new position was absolutely certain. Don’t let the excitement of the situation get to you. The devil is in the detail, and if you act before you are really certain you may regret if for a long time.

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Ok I’m not suggesting you take your boss out to dinner. But you need to find a quiet moment in the working day, to say your piece in private. Let them know you will need a chat with them.

Have the “get it done” mindset

You know the feeling when you have to take a plaster off? The slower you do it, the more it hurts. As uncomfortable or awkward as you may worry its going to be, it will be a lot easier if you decide what you are going to say and get it out there. Though your boss will likely ask you the details of what you are up to, you aren’t obliged to give it, and you should be mindful that once you start answering these types of questions, they will probably keep on coming. So if you are uncomfortable offering more detail that’s fine.

Thank them for the good times

Perhaps you really are leaving because you are sick to death of your boss, and you’ve found a great new employer who will treat you well, and make you feel wanted. Your boss however, doesn’t want to hear this. Let them know that its not about them, you have in fact enjoyed your time with them and the opportunities you have had to learn and grow. Now you feel it is the right time to move on. Who could begrudge that?

Be aware they may react a little crazy

They may not be expecting this, and so their reaction could be a little unpredictable, from feelings of frustration to outright anger and betrayal. So don’t be alarmed. Its nothing personal, and if they can’t be happy for you moving on up, it says more about them than it does about you. Of course the more you’ve followed the advice above, the less room they have to express these kind of sentiments even if they do feel them.

Stay calm, and don’t react to anything negative if they do say it. One of you needs to be the adult here after all!

Preparing you for the worst

I realise I may have painted resignation as a real trial to get through, but the truth is it will most likely go just fine. Think of being prepared for the worst as part of knowing how to resign so that you are pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the real thing goes

Anyway now we’ve covered how to resign I expect you have a meeting to set up! Good luck, the world is yours.

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