Job Application Forms

Lots of people hate application forms. You go to all the trouble of putting together a great CV, then BAM! You have to start all over again. Still, since many employers favour them, you need to make sure you know how to get application forms right.

So why are they popular with employers?

Well imagine you are in charge of recruiting for a role in a large multinational. You advertise the job and the floodgates open as hundreds of CV's pour in. the problem is some are great, most are not. In fact, you wonder if some applicants even know what job they have applied for, as you trawl through the CV's looking for relevant information. Its going to take a long time to separate the good from the bad.

Application forms help speed the screening process for the employer. The form itself is designed to illicit specific information (skills, experience, achievements) and the standardized format makes it easier to compare candidates.

Your chief aim is to rule yourself in, rather than be screened out. You do this by displaying the relevant skills and experience for the position. Take the time and effort to do it right, it will pay off, as much of your competition wont.

Top tips

Do what they ask!

Sounds simple but be sure to follow the instructions for filling it in. I didn’t need to tell you that though, did I?

Practice makes perfect

It really does, so do a draft version before completing the real thing, once your satisfied its as good as it can be.

Answer every question

Obvious, but not always done

Do your research first

Do not write anything in your form form until you have a clear picture of the company and what they are looking for fro the successful candidate. Your answers should be focused in the same way as your interview answers will be. Take the time to think about how you will meet the requirements of the role

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