Your Interview Checklist

When it comes to the interview it may seem like so much to remember and so little time. The interview checklist will help you focus on the key things you should have ticked off before you interview. So here, in a nutshell, is a summary of the most important principles, tips and must dos’ to succeed on your big day.


Ok, its been said a thousand times (most of them here on this site), but preparation really is the foundation of a great interview. The right preparation will have a positive influence on EVERY aspect of your interview performance.

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Do your research

Do you know what you need to know about the role and the company? Understand the match the employer is looking for, and know how you are going to show that you are it.

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Dress the part

You’ll never get a second chance to make that first impression. Make sure your appearance is saying the right things about you.

Know how to make the most of all your preparation time

Follow the guide to before the interview Know the details of the interview

Who will be interviewing you? What type of interview will it be? What are the challenges you will face and how will you meet them.

Know where you are going

Never, repeat; NEVER be late for the interview. Have you planned exactly how you will get there and how long it will take? Aim to be there 5 to 10 minutes early.

Know how to answer interview questions – prepare your answers

Learn the star technique as the basis of putting together great interview answers.

Be prepared for the common interview questions

There are some questions that you are almost certain to be asked. Do you know how you will answer them effectively?

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Know how you’ll handle the tough interview questions. Prepare an opener

One of the most common ways to open an interview is “tell me about yourself”. Having a prepared opener will help you settle into your stride in the interview and help to build on the great first impression you’ve already made.

Know how to avoid the common job interview turnoffs

Don’t fall into the traps – learn the most common job interview mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Know your worth

Believe in yourself and your ability. After all, the interviewer does. Remember that the recruitment process for employers is a long and winding road, and most people never make it to interview. You are there on merit, because they believe there is a very real possibility you could be the right person for the job.

Know what you are really looking for

The interview works both ways. Just as they will be looking at you, you also must decide if you like what you see. By fully understanding your reasons for looking a new position you will be well placed to make the right decision for you.

Know why you want the job

Interviewers are always turned on by genuine enthusiasm and passion. If you’re positive about the opportunity it will transmit to them, and they will feel positive about you.

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