Skills for the job interview

Do you have the skills for the job interview? Do you know what they are? Well you are definitely in the right place to find out. First things first though. Lets agree that skills are indeed what it is all about. Not luck, or whether you are one of those people who just happens to be good at interviewing. Those people don’t exist, only people who may have developed their skills for the job interview more than you have so far.

So interview success is based on skill. These will be some of the most important skills in shaping the direction of your career and the effort you put in to learning how to apply them will serve you for the rest of your life.

Once we are agreed that interviewing is a skill, skills for the job interview become the determining factor in your ability to turn job interviews into job offers. So what is it all about?

I like to keep things simple. Fundamentally interview success is about two things:

1)Knowing what your prospective employer wants

2)Knowing how to give it to them

Whatever else you think, hear or read it will always relate to those two challenges and your ability to execute on each of them

Identifying what employers want

Find out what employers are really looking for from you through exploring the core questions of the interview.

How to use the job description to pinpoint exactly what you need to show them

How The right job interview information will help you, and how to find it.

The importance of researching employers.

Knowing how to give it to them

Why interview preparation is the cornerstone of interview success.

Interview presentation: how it works and why it matters. The role of the first impression in determining the outcome.

The importance of developing confidence in yourself and transmitting that to the employer.

How to interview - what you really need to do. If you are looking for another site i can recommend to learn how to interview, check out interview mastermind. How not to interview- avoiding job interview mistakes. Learn how to answer interview questions .

Sample interview questions to practice on.

Ok, now you have seen the path its time to start moving along it. Pick an area that seems most relevant to you right now and click the link. If you’re stuck, let me suggest starting at the beginning and look at the core questions. This understanding alone will separate you from most of your peers, and put you on the way to developing the skills that you need.

Good luck

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