CV Covering Letters

Traditionally CV covering letters were sent as part of the job application process. They give you the chance to promote yourself, and invite the employer to read your CV and offer you an interview.

Do you really need to bother with cover letters?

My experience tells me you should consider the following;


The time you spend writing CV covering letters could perhaps be spent on other aspects of your job search . Each cover letter, like your CV, will need to be tailored towards each particular role. This will cost you more time, so you will have to make the call on if it is time well spent.

How interested are recruiters in your letter writing skills?

A cover letter is a great opportunity to show off your command of the language, but ultimately you will be judged at this stage on the quality of your CV. A great letter with a poorly matched CV is only going to end in one place - the bin.

Recruitment consultants rarely read cover letters

There. I’ve said it. This is because there is usually little that matters within it. The screening process at this point revolves around the CV.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not totally against the idea of cover letters. In fact there is one instance when it is absolutely crucial...............

Write a cover letter when you are asked to provide one!

When its been requested you can guarantee it will be read, and not providing one will definitely count against you.

Here are some general tips for writing cover letters;

Get your spelling and punctuation checked

Write to someone specific (use the name on the ad)

Keep it to one page

Use business language

Get it word processed

Tailor your cover letter for the job

For example cover letters - click here

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