The Group Interview

In a group interview you will find yourself answering questions and working in tasks alongside your competition for the job.

Group interviews save time, which saves the company money. A pool of candidates can be whittled down effectively in one swoop. Plus, they allow the interviewer to directly compare how candidates perform.

You will need to demonstrate you have what it takes in whatever tasks you face. Just like any organisation, the success of the group depends on the cohesion of the people within it.

Interview questions are all about using your past behaviour to try and predict how you will perform in the future. Group tasks allow the interviewer(s) to see how you react. They get actual evidence of how you respond rather than just statements to sell yourself in the interview.

You will be asked to perform group tasks as part of the interview. Any tasks will be chosen very specifically to monitor how the group interacts. The interviewer(s) will be watching and listening. Its your job to make sure they choose you to go forward by standing out in the group.

Your aim is to arouse their interest - you cant win the job in a group interview….but you can lose it. You want to make sure you are selected to go forward and get a face to face interview so they can learn more about you.

What will they be looking for?


Group dynamics will be observed to see how the candidates respond to the designed challenges and whether you show the right personality traits.

Communication skills

Communication is vital to success in a group interview, as in the wider business world The best interviewees understand the importance of communication, and know how communicate effectively within the group

Organisational skills

Most people try to assume the role of group leader. This may be a great idea if you are going for a management position, but what if you’re not? It’s far more important to actually show the qualities that the interviewers want to see. What are the attributes necessary for the role? By doing your background research (link) to prepare for the interview, you will be prepared to give the interviewer what they want to see.

The X factor

You want to stand out from the group in a positive way, to be noticed and set yourself apart. The first impression you create, and your confidence will help you to do this.

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Show the traits they want to see

You need to know and show the skills that make you a strong candidate. Get the job interview information you need to help you. Your research will make all the difference.

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