Should You use A CV writing service?

I’ve often been asked whether or not a CV writing service is a good idea. So here is what I believe.

We all know the importance of getting your CV right cannot be overstated. You probably have 30 seconds to catch the employers attention. One chance to impact them in a positive way. Quite simply if you don’t get it right it’s a dead end for your job search. At least with regards to that particular job.

The truth about CV’s is they follow the same golden rule of the interview; its no good just being good, you have to show that you are. With a CV you just have to do it faster.

I’ve been asked many a time by candidates if their CV is “good”. I don’t believe so much in a “right” CV. I do believe however in a CV that is right for a particular role, depending of course on what the employer requires. Square pegs, now matter how good, just don’t fit round holes.

I believe a CV needs to be targeted towards the role you are applying for, rather than simply a list of everything you’ve ever done. That type of CV is really an autobiography, and employers probably aren’t interested. At least not yet. Remember, 30 seconds!

However I do believe you can create an effective CV if you know what the employer wants, and understand the mechanics of putting a CV together. Good CV writing is a skill. That means it has to be developed. The most successful candidates, when it comes to getting interviews, will most likely be those who have best mastered the CV writing craft. You need to join them. You can do this based on what you already know, by following advice in various how to guides, or using a CV writing service.

If you do opt for a CV writing service however don’t think that you can just sit back and leave the work up to them. This is a document about you, and you need to be involved in the process to get the best from it. Make sure you take the time to explain exactly the role, or type of role you want and give them a clear picture of what is required. (you’ll need your job interview information for this). Then they will be best placed to create the type of CV that will get you the results you want.

Finally, be sure to learn from them. What have they done? How and why does it work? If you can pick this up you will have an understanding of a skill that will serve you throughout your career.

If you’re looking for a resume writing service - here is a link I can recommend highly to you. Martin Darke‘s (P.S I receive no payment for this recommendation ; I’m happy to recommend the site as I can testify that he is the real deal)

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