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I’m always on the look out for ways to help you in your job search. With that in mind I'm going to be looking at job interview books and websites in the career management field. My aim is to help you take career to the next level, whatever that means for you. You’ll find no advertising here, just my honest opinion. I hope it proves useful to you. Here are is my review of a resume writing guide, entitled Get That Job.

I know from my experience as a recruiter just how hard it can be to get a resume right, and the difficulty in knowing where to start. Though there are a lot of guides out there ,the author Martin Darke is someone I take notice of because he has walked both sides of the line, as recruitment consultant and job hunter. He knows the challenges you face, and more importantly, he know what it takes to overcome them.

One of the keys to success in the job search is knowing what you need to achieve. Words are your currency when you write your resume, and its important to spend every one wisely. Most of us aren’t born with this ability. You can spend years facing rejection, from application after application, or you can take the fast track and follow the direction of someone who knows the terrain.

Get That Job takes you through the process; from identifying what companies want, and how to get into the resume writing mindset, right through to creating headings that work and describing your past experience in a way that makes employers take notice. There is also some useful advice on how to avoid discrimination, and give yourself the opportunity to impress that you deserve, and plenty of examples of resumes to help you see how it all fits together in reality.

Most impressive to me was the use of something Martin calls “Qualifying descriptors” that I just know will work to get recruiters attention, because it was the kind of thing I was crying out for as I searched through seemingly endless resumes looking for “the one”.

Lets face it; one of the main things keeping you stuck where you are is often the fact that you just aren’t sure you have the time, or the energy to look for a job. On top of all the commitments you may have, it can be difficult to find the time to spend days or weeks learning how to write your resume. So when reading any resume or job interview books the most important question to me was “would I be able to put what I learn to use, fast?” Personally I hate theory. I believe knowledge counts for nothing, unless you act upon it.

Which is why I am genuinely impressed by Get That Job. Martin’s style is all about showing you simply how to make his know-how work for you as quickly as possible. Get That Job is like the advice from the wise old friend you wish you had. No-nonsense, straightforward, and sure to get results. I can confidently say I’ll definitely be using Get That Job to put together my next resume. If you would like to do so too, learn more here.

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