Acing job interviews

Wouldn’t life be a whole let, well, better, if we all knew the skills of acing job interviews? Imagine what it would be like if all the faces you saw on the way to work on Monday morning were happily smiling at the thought of the start of another week (incidentally, Monday morning is the most common time for heart attacks, how sad is that?!). How much less stressed and unhappy do you think we’d all be if we knew we were able to get the job we want? If acing job interviews ws just something we all knew we could do?

My mission in writing this site is to help and inspire us all to make that happen, one person at a time. And I’m thinking we should start with you. Right now.

Knowing how to interview is like knowing how to read. Once you grasp it a whole world of possibility opens up to you. The thing is, we all understand this, that’s why reading is fundamental. In the same way knowing how to interview gives you the ability to shape and manage your own career, and the confidence to do so. Unfortunately acing job interviews is not something you are likely to find on a school curriculum.

To my mind there are two reasons why people don’t make the careers they want for themselves

1) They don’t have the courage to do so

Note I didn’t say “they are afraid”. Anyone who ever does anything worthwhile has usually been afraid! that’s what stepping out of your comfort zone does. Unfortunately your “comfort zone” wont end up being that comfortable after a lifetime in in. It tends to get a bit cramped, what with all the regrets you have in there, taking up space.

Courage is something you have to make/find for yourself -nice quote HERE. Never let that hold you back

2) They don’t know how

As I mentioned, they don’t teach this stuff. So a lot of it is left to chance. People muddle through on titbits of hearsay, rumour and “advice” they’ve picked up along the road. Or worse, they don’t even bother to try. They just sit right where they are.

One of the most dangerous myths out there is that of the “natural interviewer.” This idea is very damaging because it gives an excuse not to bother trying, you are defeated before you even start. It also leads people to completely ignore the areas where they have the opportunity to improve, and improve you can.

There is a knack to acing the job interview, it’s a skill, and that means you can learn to do it too. Perhaps you will have to work at a few things, but that’s irrelevant. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to improve. So Im going to tell you what you need to know, and show you how to apply it. You supply the courage to make it happen. Deal?

Acing the job interview requires the perfect storm of conditions, a coming together of all the different factors required to achieve interview success. You can learn more about them by following the links below.

The keys to acing job interviews

Know what they want and how to give it to them.

Have a clear definition of what is going on

Understand the interview process and know what is required through each stage

Understand the core questions of the interview

Understand how they really judge you

Avoid the most common job interview mistakes

Get your before the interview guide to use the night before your big day

Create a first impression that opens doors

Be ready no matter the interview type you face

Know what makes an effective interview answer

Know the right questions to ask

Present yourself for success

Know how to end the interview effectively

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