The Job Search Checklist

The number one rule of the job search is be prepared. Its time for your job search checklist. Don’t go any further unless you have the following:

1) Clearly defined job search objectives - know what you want.

2) Research - what is the market saying? Consider the job advertisements that are relevant to you and the following questions;

Who is hiring?

What do they want?

Why are they hiring - what is the problem they want solved?

Where are the opportunities?

When can you start/must you act? (what is your timescale for action?)

3) Your network - are you maximising its value to you?

Learn about how you can use your network to be first in line for the unadvertised jobs out there.

4) Informational interview - do you know everything you need to know about the role you want?

5) Your CV - are you ready to present yourself? At this stage, before you meet, you are only as good as your CV says you are. You have to make sure its working for you. For how to write a CV - click here

For tips on how to use your resume - click here
So, are you ready? Its time to apply.

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