The customer service interview

We live in a customer focused world. The most successful organisations are those best able to find and keep customers through continually giving them what they want. Businesses strive to improve their relationships with customers. With the rise of the customer focused organisation has come the proliferation of the customer service role. From Memphis to Mumbai, and everywhere in between, customer service rules. If you are not in a customer service role its still highly likely that employers will be looking for some degree of customer handling skills. So understanding the customer service interview is of value to all.

There are some key character traits to perform any customer service role;

Helpful Cheerful Outgoing Communication Adaptability Problem solving - solution focused Patient

The Customer Service interview core

The core questions are what the interview is ultimately all about. But the customer service interview has one more crucially important question;

Can we trust you, with our most valuable asset? Our CUSTOMERS?

Your job to focus on instilling in them the confidence that you can, from the moment they receive your resume, right through to the end of your interview presentation.

Aside from the common interview questions there are also some more specific cusotmer service questions you should consider.

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