Interviewing for a career change

Let’s be honest, interviewing someone looking for a career change can make interviewers nervous. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it supposed to be the other way round? Lets look a little closer at what this situation means to them.

In business time is money, and of course recruitment costs both. There is often a lot of pressure on the interviewer to get it right. Perhaps even more so if you are applying for a position through a recruitment agency. They have to be willing to stake their business relationship on the candidates they put forward. So if there is one thing interviewers like its certainty.

When you are looking to change career you present the interviewer with a problem. They have to answer the core questions: Can you do the job?

Will you do the job?

Will you fit the team?

But there is another question they will ask themselves: Will you stay the course?

There are five things you absolutely must do to stay in the frame

Be ready for the question

Just why are you looking to change career? It’s a tough interview question, but its also one that’s bound to come up. Remember rule one of the interview; be prepared.

Know your own reasons for wanting the change

Nothing stands out like real passion and enthusiasm. What are your ambitions and motivations, and how will a career change help you to achieve them?

Know the role

If you are going to hit the target you have to know what it is – make sure you understand fully what is required of you. Do your research and the interview preparation you need to be ready.

Show progression through your career to this role

Not everyone takes the predicted career route – it’s down to you to show that despite an unconventional path you have the required skills and experience to excel in your new career.

Match your future ambitions with the role

The interviewer wants reassurance you will be committed to your new path. How does this role fit in with your short, medium, and long term objectives? Let them know what will keep you with your new career and your new role long enough to add value.

Changing career can be a challenge, but when you can understand the interviewer’s perspective and what they need to hear you are on your way. Good luck!

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